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AEB-L Steel and Purple CTEK 127 mm Petty

295 USD
AEB-L Steel and Purple CTEK 127 mm Petty
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AEB-L Steel and Purple CTEK 127 mm Petty

295 USD
Here's a versatile laser slicer for the home or professional kitchen! This Petty style is my personal favorite for general use and is a great size for the cutting board. 

I used AEB-L Stainless Steel for a great combination of edge holding, wear resistance, ease of sharpening and rust resistance. The AEB-L holds an outstanding edge and gets as sharp as can be with little difficulty. 

The CTEK is one of my favorite handle materials as it is very lightweight, tough and has a nice feel with good grip. I make my kitchen knives with the intent of all day professional use and this material fits the bill. It's easy to clean and the black micarta pins blend right in. 

This fine slicer is a decent size but fells nice and light in the hand with great balance. The single bevel grind is performance oriented... the thin edge slices very well and the single bevel geometry pops the slices right off. 

3/32" AEB-L Steel at roughly 61-62 RC 
Purple CTEK Handle Material - light and grippy
Black Micarta Pins

9.25" long
127 mm or 5" Blade
Single Bevel with thin edge geometry - Sharp! 

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