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Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet - $39 shipped

39 USD
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Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet - $39 shipped

39 USD
Here's a heavy duty hammered cuff! I textured it both inside and out with two different patterns. Everything is smooth and the bracelet feels really good with no rough or hot spots.  My pics do it no justice! 

Textured - Blackened - Aged with Contrasting Polished Finish
Size - Man's Large to Extra Large (size 8.5) for a wrist that measures roughly 6-3/4 to 7-1/4 inches around.

Width - one inch! nice and wide

Weight - ~56 Grams/Two Ounces- Heavy Duty!

Treated with Renaissance Wax to protect against oxidation.

US Shipping is Included! Ships with box shown in pics. 
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