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85 USD
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85 USD
Heavy Duty Kiridashis! 

These are one of my oldest and most popular designs...  extremely useful and all business! 

These are rock solid and  the knife body can be used for prying or when leverage is needed. 

Easy to maintain... just build up a small burr fom one side then strop the reverse. The cutting geometry can be tuned easily (or depending on your preferred use. Just sharpen the back bevel for a more aggressive cut or only the microbeveled side for more edge stability/durability. This grind is more aggressive than my older Kiridashis in this style. 

.26" 5160 Steel 
~6" long 

OD Green wrap with glow tracers - Epoxy soaked permanent cord wrap - double wrapped with gutted paracord  

Forge finish - very durable, great texture holds oil well and looks great! Satin finish on grinds

Chisel grind with shallow back bevel 

Fully rounded spine and fully chamfered perimeter

Saw texture on lower... looks cool and adds texture

The length on these varies from just under 6" to 6-1/4". If you have a preference just leave a note and i'll do my best to get you what you want. :)

Custom Kydex sheath is included. The sheaths have removable hardware for versatility and ease of maintenance. If the sheath gets dirty just take it apart and wash in soapy water. The hardware will never rust.... meant to use! 

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