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RF2 Framelock - Deeply Carved Titanium and Silver Twill

595 USD
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RF2 Framelock - Deeply Carved Titanium and Silver Twill

595 USD

Stonewashed - Full Flat Ground - Silver Twill and Deeply Carved Ti RF2!

Here's my newest and lightest RF2 at just over 100 grams or roughly 3.5 ounces! I used aerospace grade ultralight and mega strong silver twill then deeply carved/contoured the Ti frame side for maximum weight reduction. This knocks off the weight but keeps the knife thick where it needs to be for a strong knife that feels great in the hand. 

This is also my first knife with a bent DFK clip in this style! ...Very minimalist and functions nicely. 

Aggressive true single bevel grind... tall and thin with a lightly convexed polished microbevel. Near zero grind with reinforced tip.  

Here's some information on this one.

- 8.0" Total Length
- 4.6" Handle
- 3.4" Blade
- .140" 6al4v Titanium Frames
- .155" D2 Steel Blade
- Ceramic Detent
- Phosphor Bronze Washers
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Hardened stainless steel stop pin and pivot through pin
- New Ti DFK logo Clip!
- Full Flat Chisel Grind!
- Polished Microbevel 
-  Stonewashed Frames
- Stonewashed Blade
- Carbidized Lock Bar Face

US shipping is included - I ship via insured and tracked USPS Priority mail. International shipping is available.

Ships with case from Granite Gear and DFK patch! Both aremade in the USA! 
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