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S7 Steel Heavy Metal Prybars!

85 USD
S7 Steel Heavy Metal Prybars!
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S7 Steel Heavy Metal Prybars!

85 USD
S7 Steel Prybars are ready! :D

I put a ton of work into these but they are made to use and use hard! The finish is meant to wear nicely and these are tough enough to take just about anything you can throw at them. S7 is commonly used for jackhammer blades for a good reason.

These are heat treated for maximum toughness at a decent hardness... which happens to be around 58 RC with S7 so these are tough and wear resistant.


~4.5" long
~1/2" tall
~.25" thick

Each one is a bit different... I had a lot of fun making these and hope they get  lots of use!

Some of these have pry tips on the reverse too! In all cases they feel great in the hand as these lines are chamfered nicely for comfort. 

$85 shipped in the USA - International shipping is extra

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