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S7 Steel Nakago Pry KCT

39 USD
S7 Steel Nakago Pry KCT
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S7 Steel Nakago Pry KCT

39 USD
I used the toughest steel I know of to create these keychain tools! These will come in handy any time you need to do some prying, pulling staples, opening boxes, loosening screws, scraping, wedging, demolishing, etc and are a great compliment to a knife... easy to carry and always there on the keys or in the pocket ready to use. 

S7 is about as tough as it gets and is the steel used for the best jackhammer blades. I tuned my heat treat on these for the toughest tool possible. This is also the hardest S7 gets so there is great tip stability; it will wear well, scratch a bit less and be very tough. 

These are acidwashed so they will look great even with heavy use. This finish also helps a bit with rust resistance and just looks cool!  These are all signed with a ghost style signature. 

1/8" Thick S7 Steell
~3" long
Acidwashed Finish
Deep Fuller - looks great, reduces weight and adds grip
Nakago Tang with Key Chain/Lanyard Hole

Very Limited Quantity - Sole Authorship - Made in the USA!

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