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S7 Steel Prybars! - Pocket Size

35 USD
S7 Steel Prybars! - Pocket Size
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S7 Steel Prybars! - Pocket Size

35 USD
S7 Steel Pocket Prybars

These handy prybars are just meant to use! They also look and feel great with excellent ergonomics and a very useful tip thickness. Pry, scrape, screw and open bottles with confidence as S7 steel is as tough as it gets! These also have a second pry end on the lanyard hole end that is extra thick and can come in handy for lots more uses. 

S7 Steel 
4" long 
1/8" thick
Prybar/Screwdriver/Scraper/Bottle Opener
Lanyard Hole
Stonewashed Finish
Heat Treated for Maximum Toughness

100% handmade by me! Each one is unique, pick the one you want in the options below. 

Worldwide Shipping is Included! This listing is for the smaller 4 Pocket Prybars, the larger one is also listed on the main page.
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