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Stratification Pattern Nakago KCT

44 USD
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Stratification Pattern Nakago KCT

44 USD

Nakago Keychain Tool! This is a Pry Tool style KCT, nice and thick at .155" and made from aerospace grade 6al4v Titanium. These will open bottles extremely well, I'd put them up against anything on the market!

I included a shackle opener which also works great on stuck wingnuts and smaller nuts/bolts. Pry, scrape, drive screws and open boxes with the tip!

These are the size of a larger key or Bic lighter at 3" long and carry very well on the keychain or even pocket. These feel great in the hand and every edge has been meticulously hand chamfered. These are nice and thick for a substantial feel without a lot of weight. 

Everything has been engineered to work great... is smooth in the hand and very ergonomic. Handmade in the USA!

.155" Thick 6al4v Titanium - 3" long

Bottle Opener - Screwdriver - Pry Tool - Scraper - Box Opener - Shackle Opener - Wingnut/Small Bolt/Nut Wrench

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