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W2 Steel Kiridashi

125 USD99 USD
W2 Steel Kiridashi
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W2 Steel Kiridashi

125 USD99 USD
Water quenched W2 Steel Kiridashi! This is a great knife to have, I carry one often and consider it an essential... great for scoring material, marking, woodwork, sculpture (I have carved a few abstract stone sculptures with mine!) edc, self defense, chiseling, light drilling, carving and a lot more. They offer great control in several grips, this one has very slicey thin edge geometry and is scary sharp! 

Differentially hardened with subtle but interesting hamion activity. I left the wrap "open" with no underlay to show off the cool look the steel has. Water quenching is tricky but works the best for W2 steel, the edge holding and attainable sharpness because of the ultra fine grain is quite impressive. 

6" total length 
1" tall
.13" W2 Steel
Single Bevel Grind with back Bevel - versatile, very easy to sharpen and extremely sharp. 
Copper/Brown West System Epoxy Soaked Permanent Cord Wrap

Custom Kydex Sheath

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